Sustainable Agriculture Practice

Sustainable agriculture is a broad area. It solves issues related to financial, human, social, biological and environmental resources in technology development. The civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an emerging technology. It has the potential to exert an impact on agriculture production and crop damage assessment. The UAV has the risk-taking ability in adverse weather conditions. It has the potential to replace remote sensing technologies like satellite imageries and piloted aircraft. Due to the controversial mix of technological, scientific and public concerns, there is an emerging challenge in the agriculture sector, including food processors, food producers and food distributors. It’s not an easy task to achieve a sustainable agro-food system. Unless it adopts new and emerging technologies in economic, institutional, social and cultural relations.

  • Sustainability in agriculture is a complex subject of study. It is the combined confluence of the technological, social and innovations in agriculture.
  • Sustainability is essential in innovations. Innovation is successful if it retains social, economic and environmental sustainability.
  • UAV/drone is a new and emerging technology. It provides the platform for communication, interaction and coordination in the various factors in the sustainability of agriculture.
  • A drone can be used: in the compilation of crops, crop maintenance, crop supervision and the calculation of fair crop loss percentage.
  • The civilian UAV in India gives clarity about the kind of damage, area of the damage, level of the damage and time of the damage. The farmers, insurance assessors and the government can interpret the data about damage, has it is visible and accessible to all stakeholders.
  • By the civilian UAV, farmers who are insured under crop insurance scheme and provide timely and accurate information through infrared, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors to farmers.
  • The absence of risks and hazards is safety. The safety of farmers, crops, insects, animals and other public assets is dependent on drone pilots.

The hazards in agriculture are creating by the overuse of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. The dosage used in agriculture is multiple times than the subscribed level. The high level of unsustainability in agriculture is due to the current agricultural practices. Disease like cancer and animal ill health is due to the more utilization of chemicals in agriculture. It also affects ecology, human and animals. Thus, the use of a drone can monitor the overuse of chemicals in agriculture practices. It also helps in spraying the required amount of fertilizers in a specific area. The crop cutting experiment (CCE) and damage to crops; can be monitored by the drone. The productivity in the farming community can increase by the detection of damage and CCE aiding by the drone.



The International Sustainable Globe Conference 2021 ( will be held online from September 8th to 10th 2021, #RootsGoods is collaborating as the technical and financial partner with Martin Luther University Halle, #Germany.

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