An interactive digital platform to assess the quality of crops, negotiate, sell and transport it from farmer to buyer

Objective Quality Assessment

We provide quality assessment of crops using artificial intelligence and deeptech

Procurement & Negotiation

Our objective quality information ensures negotiation advatange to the farmer

Market Accessibility

We provide smart sales and procurement cycle based on market's performance

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RootsGoods Ecosystem

RootsGoods ecosystem rotates around our objective quality assessment tool. Based on this quality assessment of the crop, its sales pipeline, negotiation, and storage are maintained.

We use Artificial Intelligence to detect the quality of crop using visible parameters such as colour, size, fungal infection, inert materials, and any alien substances

We use deeptech to detect the quality of crop using non-visible parameters such as moisture inside the crop, which is crucial to maintain the shelf life of the crop

We provide trackable information on the quality of each batch of crop from pre-sales to post-sales to ensure transparency on quality assessment

Our platform connects Farmers-Logistics-Buyers where quality, pricing of the crop, negotiation, sales, delivery, billing, and tracking of all these elements are handled



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Quality Assessment Tool

Register with RootsGoods! Start using our mobile application with a clean interface and user-friendly experience. The farmers, logistics, and buyers could use the quality assessment service, sales pipelining, negotiation, and delivery services swiftly.

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