Karnataka Krishi Mela

Karnataka Krishi Mela was organised by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore (UASB) on November 3-6, 2022. The Mela (fest) featured crop varieties, new agricultural technologies, new equipment, and awards. This event was typically dedicated to startups in agriculture. RootsGoods being one agricultural technology startup working in the field of crop quality assessment using Artificial Intelligence was a highlight in the Mela. UASB has been RootsGoods’s one of the first supporter in the field of agricultural works. UASB connected RootsGoods to farmers, and their problems, and provided the opportunity to validate our models in the field which directly improved the farmer’s income by 12% after using our services. We would like to thank UASB for being our strong partner and also helping to showcase our cause and case through this Mela. For more details: Read Here.

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