Importance of Agri-Methods

Since earlier times, traditional farming methods are used. It is the old farming method. Few traditional farming methods are still in use and are popular. Farmers provide cultural and ecological services to human beings by these methods. The traditional method has helped in protecting natural resources, biodiversity maintenance, and enhanced food security. As technology is improving day-by-day and to make farming quick and efficient, modern equipment is introduced. Pesticide, fertilizer, herbicide software, and increased seeds can be achieved in agriculture by improved technology. Genetic engineering plays important role in agricultural development. This boosts the resistance of vegetation to droughts and pests.

Advantages of the traditional farming method:

  • Agroforestry is planting and maintaining trees to protect the crops. We can get multiple products like timber, food, firewood, etc. This increased the income of farmers, quality of soil, reduces soil erosion, improving soil structure, carbon storage, restore nitrogen fertility in the soil.
  • Based on seasons, growing different crops on the same land is called Crop rotation. It increases soil fertility, minimum use of chemicals and pesticides, maximum yield.
  • At the same time, sowing more than two crops is called Intercropping. A single crop cannot utilize the resources properly. This helps in improving pest management, creating biodiversity, reduces weed growth, increases soil organic matter.

Advantages of Modern farming method:                                    

  • Genetic manipulation in plants is adding stretch of DNA in plant’s genome, giving it different characteristics. It helps in plant growth and resistance to particular diseases.
  • The use of Synthetic fertilizers increases the fertility of the land. Repeated use of agricultural land reduces the fertility of the soil. So the use of fertilizers helps in maintaining soil fertility.
  • Chemical pest control reduces bugs that consume younger vegetation stems and their leaves. Pesticides supply proper results when accurately used. With the help of this, healthy and productive plants can be grown.

From traditional to modern farming, even the instruments are improved. Traditional farming improves the quality of food and soil. Sickle, Plough, Spade, Winnower, Bamboo sieve, Draw Hoe and Axe are traditional agricultural implements. The modern method has its advantage when pesticides and fertilizers are used in the required amount. The survival of plants is important for agriculture, so improved irrigation technologies are the main reason for agricultural development. Combine, Automatic In Row weeder, Drag, Player, Tillage planter, Drones are modern agricultural implements.

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