About RootsGoods Nursery

RootsGoods nursery is located in Kashipura, Shivamooga. We have 60 varieties of plants which contains aromatic, endangered and medicinal plants. Aromatic plants are special kind of plants used for their aroma and flavor. Aromatic compounds are present in roots, barks, seeds, flowers etc. Most of our nursery plants are used for medicinal purposes. Some of the plants are Agase( Sesbenia grandiflora), Kachora (Curcuma zedoaria), Karpuralakki (Coleus amboinicus) etc.

  • Red soil, Black soil and rock sand is used for the fertility of the soil.
  • No pesticides is used in our nursery.
  • In summer, two times a water should be supplied to the plants. In rainy season, water supply is not necessary.
  • All seeds are collected from the forests. Aromatic and engendered species are collected from various parts of forests in Karnataka.
  • We can grow these plants in pots also.
  • Creepers, vegetables can also be grown.
  • If the plants are infected then instead of pesticides we use cow dung and cow urine.

“Health is Wealth”.

Some of the medicinal uses of our nursery plants are for migraine, weakness, joint pain, skin care(face cream), ayurvedic medicines(cough, cold). Some of the plant’s flowers is used for Cultural activities too. It can be used for cooking purposes like thambuli which is tasty and good for health. Aromatic plants are used for perfumes and in the preparation of oils. We can grow healthy and tasty plants in controlled environment. Human health is improved by growing and using these kinds of plants for cooking purpose and we get good oxygen for respiration.

Content Writer- Shamitha K R

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